The Distinct Allure of BMW i3

Recently, the innovative designers at the BMW corporation set about designing the perfect city car under the BMWi sub-brand. The BMW i3 city car will be distinctly different from the BMW i8 supercar, however, it will still carry the brand’s futuristic, high quality, head-turning design and fully or partially electric drivetrain.

This new innovation from the makers of some of the best luxury vehicles in the world, is their way of investing into the future without compromising on modern, futuristic design.

Let’s look at some of the incredible features that gives the BMW i3 it’s distinct allure.

The BMW i3 is Efficiency Personified

Unlike many conventional cars that feature only an internal combustion engine, the BMW i3 offers an electric drivetrain as its main motive power source.

  • BMW i3 BEV is fully electric.
  • BMW i3 REx has a Range Extender

The BMW i3 REx has a solid two-day battery life. Being a BMW, the BMW i3 is not a slow car. It has that instant and quiet lift-off you have come to expect from electric cars.

During the drive, you sit up high in the car, but it gives you that awesome sprinter speed when the lights turn greet at the intersection – except, there’s no engine noise.

You can review the juice levels on the upright tablet-style instrument panel, which lists the two fuel gauges – one showing the driving range on your gas tank (generator) and the battery life bar on the other.

The BMW i3 BEV is electric only, which means that you need to recharge it when the battery runs out. From public charging stations to installing your own at home, this should not be a problem for most people. The Range Extender for which it was named, is a small 2-cylinder engine which is mounted under the trunk floor.

This generator does not drive the car, but it generates enough electricity to power your battery and keep you going. It is activated seamlessly when your battery is nearly empty and automatically switch in and out, topping up the battery as you drive.

One-pedal driving is another one of the great allures of the BMW i3. Now you simply have to lift your foot off the accelerator and your BMW i3 will brake. Of course, this might require adapting your driving style, as you can go all day without ever touching the brake pedal.

The BMW i3 is more eco-friendly and therefore less sporty. As such, it has no Sport mode, but it has Comfort, Eco Pro and Eco Pro+. The latter allows you to drive in battery-saving mode, which limits your top speed and turns off climate control.

The smart driving features of the BMW i3 allow you to drive better. You will learn to:

  • stop using your throttle pedal completely and coast downhill
  • time your approach to traffic ahead with deceleration, allowing your brakes to recharge the battery.

Being able to regulate your speed using the throttle pedal is amazing when it comes to urban mobility.

BMW i3 Design & Comfort Features

The BMW i3 is not only easy to drive, but it is spacious, and there’s no clutter on the center console. It has a neat instrument layout and comfortable seating. The two-plus-one doors open easily in this crossover.

The interior is available in four beautiful, elegant themes, namely Atelier, Loft, Lodge and Suite.

Automated parking assistance is a handy feature when it comes to parking in small city parallel parking spaces.

Instead of a gear selector – as in other BMWs – the BMW i3 has a rotating steering column pod and thumb lever which helps facilitate the tilting action.

The BMW i3 is a captivating car indeed. If you buy your BMW i3 from out of state, you can rely on Nationwide Auto Transportation to bring it home for you.