Doctors plastic surgery reviews

Professional plastic surgeon that meets all requests and ensures beautiful results. Such a candidate is no more just a dream, because ADONIS skilled plastic surgeons staff consists of the real masters. Thousands of satisfied clients that used the ADONIS Surgery services, are happy to begin the new life with beautiful changes.

ADONIS provides the high class appearance changes which lead to changes of your inner world. So don’t be afraid to make your own life unforgettable!

The main areas ADONIS Surgery department are working in:

  • Beauty plastic surgery
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Gynecological surgery
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Planned and urgent surgery
  • Purulent pathology surgery
  • Venectomy
  • Colon resection in case of benign lesions

ADONIS surgery doctors with professional experience at least 14 years and more are always open to new knowledge and information. International internships, specializations, training and courses – a small proportion of the whole efforts they make to be up-to-date. ADONIS medical team is the best example of coherent professional work. Doctors’ plastic surgery reviews are speaking for themselves.

Safety and security

One of the most important aspects during the surgeries is the clients’ safety and security. ADONIS ensures a high level of protection during your staying.

  • Adherence to all Norms of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine
  • Constant checking of medical staff and providing their equipment by personal means of protection
  • Clean and disinfected surfaces, rooms and facilities
  • Clear division of anesthesia steps and total control
  • Pre- and post-operative check-ups until the full recovery

In ADONIS, we understand that the personal life of our clients must remain unwavering. We provide the total safety not only for your health, but also the total security for your personal information. All agreements are concluded in accordance to the clients’ needs and wishes with the data protection. ADONIS staff is of top level professionalism, so you can enjoy the whole process of beautiful changes.

Careful surgery preparation

The reasonable approach to the surgery and careful preparation is the basis of ADONIS surgeons. Every client has the personal consultation with the selected medical specialist to determine the main requests and wishes. Strict examination of the patient is obligatory.

During the preparation process, we discuss all aspects of the patients’ health, lifestyle, conditions and medications. It helps to make the individually adapted treatment process with perfect results. Taking into account all characteristics, the preparatory stage is becoming an integral part before surgery.

That is the good health condition of the client before surgery we are focused on – to be totally sure that the treatment process will not prejudice.

Doctors plastic surgery reviews are one of the main aspects the patient should consider when choosing the plastic surgery clinic. ADONIS doctors’ surgery department is recognized by clients from the whole world, thanks to their experienced work and unbelievable results.

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