As the population continues to rise, so as the number of vehicles. This increases traffic-density and road accidents. For that reason, experts suggest the implementation of traffic management system, as well as other developments that are capable of securing the safety of those who are on the road.

Here are the top 8 construction traffic trends that you should keep an eye on this 2018.

1. The Development of Work Zone Traffic Control Software

In the construction industry, it has been observed that the use of a work zone traffic control software brought a positive impact not only on productivity but the safety of the workers as well. It’s capable of making the planning portion more comfortable and much more convenient.

A plan that can be customized and has a wide variety of options could also help the company determine if there’s something wrong happening on the site, and be able to resolve the problem as well.

2. Better Road Design

In 2018, we can expect that a 3-dimensional road alignment would be available, and this would allow those who are in charge to perform their tasks more efficiently.

This would reduce the amount of earth to be moved, and the alignment would be adjusted according to the calculations made by the computer system.

3. Upgrades in Equipment

Some traffic safety equipment, such as portable traffic signals, traffic cones, barricades, and the like would undergo technological developments. A few years ago, some traffic and construction equipment has put the lives of the workers at risk, as it’s not capable of providing the security needed by the workers– not anymore.

With the recent advancements in technology, everything would be done on point. To support that, even agencies are motivated to take the leap and start upgrading their system to achieve better traffic management.

There’s also a new system that’s currently being assessed in New Zealand, and it focuses on being able to transmit information from street signs to smartphones as they come close to the sign. These are beacons capable of carrying the data regarding signage which is accepted and delivered through a smartphone app.

This technological innovation can be adapted to be a roadwork advisory system by positioning beacons at the site. Likewise, to lessen, and eventually solve driver distraction, a transmitted message would be provided. Although this concept is still in the process of development, experts have a definite feeling that it can be an answer to traffic safety.

5. Increasing Concern in Worker Safety

In the US alone, a lot of roads, and highways need constant repair. In fact, one of the leading causes of traffic accidents, especially in the construction site is the collision with construction vehicles, other objects, and equipment.

More than 20,000 workers are injured every year. It’s assumed that more than 3 trillion would be necessary to make this happen and be able to supersede old infrastructure in the country. As technology improves, it’s essential that highway infrastructure would undergo the same process– that means replacing the old structure with new ones. Aside from that, experts are also encouraging the use of smart vests equipped with radio sensors and GPS tracking and vehicle technology.

6. Goodbye to Gridlocks

Researchers are trying to find ways on how they can finally resolve traffic congestion through the use of the latest infrastructures that we have today. Their innovations would be comprised of smart systems and intelligent algorithms that would optimize the routes while reducing the operating costs at the same time.

Although these are relatively simple solutions, there’s no denying that it’s going to guarantee a more efficient public transportation and limited carbon footprint.

7. Better Traffic Technology

Traffic management is very important, especially if you want to ensure traffic safety. Unfortunately, this is one of the most ignored– India, for example, is one of the countries that suffer from high road fatalities. With the recent advancements in technology, this can finally be resolved. The growing increase of smartphone ownership, as well as new traffic management apps, would encourage safer road use.

8. Smarter Road Design

“Smart Highway” is probably one of the latest concepts launched in the Netherlands. It’s an innovation featuring luminescent lane lines to improve road safety, especially within the construction site. Another invention is the “Solar Roadways project” that focuses on utilizing alternative energy solutions for better road infrastructure.