4 Tips for Avoiding Damage to Your Car Windscreen

Windscreen repairs and replacements can be an inconvenient and costly experience, but damage to your windscreen should never be ignored. Over time, even the smallest chip in a windscreen can grow into a big problem. To prevent having to pay for windscreen repair or replacement, here are four handy tips to follow in order to avoid damage to your car windscreen.

Maintain Safe Distances

The best way to avoid damage to your car windscreen is by maintaining a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. This means leaving at least three car lengths of space so any debris kicked up from the car in front won’t hit your windscreen. This can help you avoid a trip to a windscreen repairs specialist as well as giving you plenty of time to stop in an emergency.

When driving in poor conditions such as heavy rain, overcast weather or unsealed gravel roads, it may be necessary to increase your distance to the length of four cars.

Avoid Driving Around Construction Vehicles

Construction vehicles like cement trucks, loaded trailers and tractors can often cause dirt, stones and gravel to flick up. These small objects may seem harmless, but they can cause serious damage to your car’s windscreen. Avoid travelling behind or next to these types of vehicles to minimise the risk of damage occurring.

Park Your Car Under Cover

Parking your car under a shelter such as a garage or car port is one of the best ways to protect it from the weather and avoid windscreen repairs, but sometimes shelter isn’t always available. For this reason, it’s important to pay attention to weather reports so you can take any necessary steps to avoid windscreen damage.

In the winter months, your windscreen may become covered in ice. It’s important to remove ice in a calm manner. Don’t chop or stab the ice – instead, you should scrape the ice horizontally with an ice remover. Do not attempt to pour hot water over your windscreen, as this can cause it to crack. Large hail stones are also capable of causing damage to windscreens, so if you notice hail is forecast, it’s best to park your car safely under cover.

Regularly Inspect Your Car

Establish a regular routine of inspecting your car and its windscreen for any damage. The smallest chip or crack can cause serious problems if not fixed promptly, so if you notice any problems, it’s best to get it checked out. Addressing the problem as soon as possible can be the difference between a simple repair and an expensive replacement.

If you notice any damage, it’s best to take your vehicle in to a windscreen repairs specialist. As it serves as protection from wind, bugs, dirt and road debris, as well as supporting the roof in an event of an accident, your windscreen must be intact for your car to be roadworthy. When you visit a specialist for windscreen repairs, you can trust they’ll have the correct knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure a successful and cost-effective fix.