IVF and ICSI Technologies

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) is a system of techniques used for the treatment of infertility. During the process, some stages of fertilization (germ stems or embryo receiving) occur outside of the human body. Such technologies include IVF and ICSI infertility treatment to reach the long-awaited conceiving and baby birth.

The main difference between ICSI and IVF is in the process of egg fertilization and how it occurs.

The IVF technology includes the fertilization outside of the body, “in vitro”. The egg and sperm are processed in the laboratory conditions to fertilize on their own in the special laboratory dish.

The ICSI technology implies the direct injection of the high quality sperm into the egg for the further natural fertilization.

With the help of ADONIS qualitative consultation, every case is considered to choose the best treatment variant. We provide the widest range of services on every request and wish. The effectiveness and quality – our main benefits and pride.

The main indications to use ADONIS IVF treatment are:

For women

  • Fallopian tubes obstruction or absence (in case of surgery treatment impossibility or late reproductive age of the patient)
  • Any form of infertility in the absence of treatment results (long period of infertility, partner’s subfertile sperm, combination of several factors of infertility)

For men

  • Obstructive infertility
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Genetic disorders
  • Poor sperm quality

The main indications to use ADONIS ICSI treatment are:

  • Spermogram values decrease (​​concentration, motility and normal morphology of male germ cells decrease)
  • Complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate, which must be obtained as a result of surgery
  • Antisperm antibodies availability in men
  • Low sperm count after cryopreservation
  • Recommended for patients over the age of 40

Please, pay your attention that every organism is unique and individual. Exact prescription of any type of infertility treatment must be provided by the skilled specialist which is briefed with your case history and examination results.

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ADONIS Medical Group of Companies important facts:

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  • 23 years of professional work and treatment
  • 14 years of Stem cells research
  • 66 medical specialties and effective results
  • exceptional staff of real professionals – 360+ doctors, 1620+ nurses, 13 biologists, 36 laboratory assistants

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