Why does the engine need to be cooled?

Cars, motorcycles, and trucks belong to the motor fuel class, which must generate heat from the combustion process. Besides generating heat, moving parts generally will also generate heat. Well, if the heat is excessive it will be very harmful, can cause serious damage. We know that most of the car engines are made of iron/aluminum base material, and with this basic material makes it expandable. This expansion is also not good, for example, it can make the cylinder head because of the curve caused by the expansion caused by excessive heat. So, the engine on the car and the motor really need to be cooled. Now there are many services for the refrigeration of the car, even carrier refrigeration service also exist.

In motor fuel, not all combustion results are converted into useful power in moving the car. Only partially used, the percentage of about 23-28 percent is converted into power to drive the car.

Almost all the objects in this world when exposed to heat will occur expansion, and some will be destroyed or melted. In general, the engine components of most of the basic materials of aluminum/iron materials that have a high expansion rate, when excessive heat, the expansion also excessive that can create excessive friction and faster damage. In addition, many cases have occurred namely the head of the cylinder curved because the engine has overheating, one of which can be caused by the cooling system that does not work properly.

Remember that too cold or too hot is not good, the good is at the working temperature that is about 80 – 93 Celsius.

Cooling system function

The cooling system in the car serves to cool the engine, prevent overheating, and also keep the engine at its working temperature.

Generally, the cooling system of the car …


Overview of Car Delivery Service

Car shipping service is one service that serves inter-city car delivery and delivery of inter-country car using fleet container, towing, car carrier, and self-driver. Usually they provide various packages for car shipping, one of them is luxury car transport. Without bothering you can send the car to your destination.

Booking car shipments can use website-based information systems and mobile, so the procedure of booking services sending cars easier, cheaper cost, and equipped facilities that provide more benefits.…


Read this before you hire a car in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country characterized by a rich cultural heritage, beautiful and pristine landscapes, breathtaking beaches and oceans not forgetting the rich historical background with many historical towns and cities to prove so.

Thanks to this, it is among the best tourist hubs in the world who visit the place in large numbers to witness her beauty for themselves. Therefore, if you are planning to come here for a vacation or for any other reason you can be sure that it is worth your time and bucks.

Nevertheless, being in Bulgaria as a visitor is just the same as being in a new place, you do not know the routes, you also don’t understand how the transport system works and on top of it all you know no one.

That means in order for you to make the experience less hectic and more memorable the best option for you is to look for the best car rental services in Bulgaria before you can get here and if you are in the process of doing so, then your lucky star is shining brightly on you because below are some of the things you should know before renting a car in Bulgaria.

The rules

Before you hit Bulgarian roads with a rental, ensure that you take the time to familiarize with the road safety rules and regulations. You can do so by asking your agency to email you a pdf copy of the rules or take a copy with you to avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of the law because nothing sucks like being arrested in a new place especially when you are on your vacation.

Cost of hiring a car in Bulgaria

Although it ranges depending on your requirements and also the agency you are seeking services from, on …