The Distinct Allure of BMW i3

Recently, the innovative designers at the BMW corporation set about designing the perfect city car under the BMWi sub-brand. The BMW i3 city car will be distinctly different from the BMW i8 supercar, however, it will still carry the brand’s futuristic, high quality, head-turning design and fully or partially electric drivetrain.

This new innovation from the makers of some of the best luxury vehicles in the world, is their way of investing into the future without compromising on modern, futuristic design.

Let’s look at some of the incredible features that gives the BMW i3 it’s distinct allure.

The BMW i3 is Efficiency Personified

Unlike many conventional cars that feature only an internal combustion engine, the BMW i3 offers an electric drivetrain as its main motive power source.

  • BMW i3 BEV is fully electric.
  • BMW i3 REx has a Range Extender

The BMW i3 REx has a solid two-day battery life. Being a BMW, the BMW i3 is not a slow car. It has that instant and quiet lift-off you have come to expect from electric cars.

During the drive, you sit up high in the car, but it gives you that awesome sprinter speed when the lights turn greet at the intersection – except, there’s no engine noise.

You can review the juice levels on the upright tablet-style instrument panel, which lists the two fuel gauges – one showing the driving range on your gas tank (generator) and the battery life bar on the other.

The BMW i3 BEV is electric only, which means that you need to recharge it when the battery runs out. From public charging stations to installing your own at home, this should not be a problem for most people. The Range Extender for which it was named, is a small 2-cylinder engine which is mounted …


6 Cars That Depreciate Slowly

Everyone wants to find a car that doesn’t depreciate – sadly this is pretty rare. There are some options though for people looking for cars that depreciate slower than others. Buying a car that depreciates slowly means that it could hold on to its value for longer and could benefit you if you are looking to resell it within a short period.

What is Car Depreciation?

This is the difference between the total amount you paid for your car, and the total amount that you receive upon selling it or trading it in. The highest percentage of a car’s depreciation takes place within its first year of ownership. Generally, car depreciation reduces slightly after three years.

Many people think that car depreciation is simply a fact of life however there are some car models that can really hold on to their original value, even after several years.

How To Avoid Car Depreciation:

This isn’t always possible however you can certainly find ways to purchase cars that depreciate slower than others.

Think about the brand of car that you are buying – this has a big effect on resale value as people will want cars that are common in Australia, have good customer service in Australia and whose parts and repairs are easy to access. Generally, brands popular with Australian buyers will depreciate slower than imported cars or those that are less well known.

6 Cars That Depreciate Slowly

  • Toyota Corolla:this is a popular car not only in Australia but across the world. It’s well known for being reliable and well made so their cars have a good second hand value if you’re looking to resell and want to avoid car depreciation.
  • Honda CR-V:in recent decades, more Australians than ever have been buying SUVs and utes. This model


Automobiles Industry And The Advances It Made

One industry which has grown enormously over the years along with the technical improvement is the automobile industry. They have made various technological innovations in the cars and the bikes over the years.  However as of now they are also got affected by the industrial turmoil across the globe and industries and trying to reduce the workforce and improve the efficiency by using the automated process wherever it can. Main place where they invest a lot is in the research. Some of the companies are in the advanced stages of making electronic car and the cars driven without the help or intervention of the human. Main thing that affects the automobile manufacturers is the recall of some of the brands due to major technical fault like air bags are not opening or some other issue like releasing too much carbons etc. It costs them in millions to call back and rectify the thing in a brand new car rolled out. They are working very seriously in this area to cut the losses. They are always welcome investment from any of the global leaders in order sustain the research into the newer areas that will make the drive a nice and good experience for the consumers.

Affordable short term loans for all

When people want to get a short term loan, first thing they look out is the interest rate and payback period. People want to be comfortable with those things before they apply for the loan. If the interest rate is high, people will afraid that they may not be able to pay the monthly dues and will restrain themselves from getting the loan. In the Cashfloat short term loans interest is calculated on daily basis on how much capital you own. Any capital you pay early will reduce the …


How Construction Technology Is An Investment Not A Cost

The digital revolution is having a significant impact on how organizations work, engage with their customers, and most of all, generate revenue. Investing in construction technology is something worth considering as it’s being impacted by the growth of devices, emerging innovations, hyperconnectivity, and many more.

IoT and Big Data are just some of the most lucrative investment areas for digital transformation, and we’re going to give you a better idea of why construction technology is an investment, not a cost.

Technology Promotes Overall Efficiency in the Workplace

If you tried to look back ten years ago, you’d see that efficiencies in technology have dramatically improved over the span of a decade. Simply put, businesses were able to adapt quickly to these advancements and have incorporated the use of technological devices to improve productivity and efficiency.

It’s a significant change that affected the way we communicate and access information. Of course, the construction industry is no exception to this.

Communication has been the most significant change in the past few years, mainly if we’ll talk about modern personal data assistants. Finally, we have reached the point where project managers don’t have to draw up project outlines anymore manually.

Mobile technology, as well as the use of project management software, has allowed project managers to create blueprints, illustrations, tasks, and other valuable information more efficiently.

Furthermore, these digital records have also made it much easier to continually communicate with workers wherever they are, simulate 3D models, and pay close attention to the overall cost of the project. Technology ensures that the operation would run smoothly.

Better Safety

Technology made it possible to mount sensors all throughout the construction site to monitor and detect unusual activities. These sensors are embedded in orange cones, traffic barricades, machinery, and the like.

Technology Promotes


Vehicle wrap versus paint

Let’s face it, it was hard enough to find the car you wanted. It’s a tough job, I know. Sometimes we don’t get the color we wished for, or just want to change up a bit. Paint can be very expensive and is permanent. That’s where vinyl wrap comes in.​


First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Generally, you get what you pay for, is true. But sometimes this is completely not true. If the paint on your car is good and all original, you can hurt the value of your vehicle by repainting it. And it not cheap. A quick Google search finds this:
“For high-quality paint job drivers reported spending between $2,400 and $7,500, with an average price of about $5,000.”
In comparison partial wraps start around $1,500, with most full vehicle wraps falling between, $2,500 and $3,500. It does not hurt the value of your vehicle, it protects it.


Paint jobs can take weeks to complete, that is once they can get you in. Vinyl car wraps generally take 2-5 days and we can work with your schedule. This is also important if you ever need to replace a section. We see accidents on a regular basis here in Vancouver, we hope you never get in one, but with paint if you have a door that needs fixed you have to blend in to all the surrounding panels. With vehicle wraps you only need to replace the section that has been damaged.


Roads are not forgiving to a cars paint finish. Over time your paint will get scratches, dents, dings, fading, acid rain, and more. For over $1000 at a dealership you can get a paint protection clear bra film (or less from us) but it will only protect the front …