Vehicle wrap versus paint

Let’s face it, it was hard enough to find the car you wanted. It’s a tough job, I know. Sometimes we don’t get the color we wished for, or just want to change up a bit. Paint can be very expensive and is permanent. That’s where vinyl wrap comes in.​


First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Generally, you get what you pay for, is true. But sometimes this is completely not true. If the paint on your car is good and all original, you can hurt the value of your vehicle by repainting it. And it not cheap. A quick Google search finds this:
“For high-quality paint job drivers reported spending between $2,400 and $7,500, with an average price of about $5,000.”
In comparison partial wraps start around $1,500, with most full vehicle wraps falling between, $2,500 and $3,500. It does not hurt the value of your vehicle, it protects it.


Paint jobs can take weeks to complete, that is once they can get you in. Vinyl car wraps generally take 2-5 days and we can work with your schedule. This is also important if you ever need to replace a section. We see accidents on a regular basis here in Vancouver, we hope you never get in one, but with paint if you have a door that needs fixed you have to blend in to all the surrounding panels. With vehicle wraps you only need to replace the section that has been damaged.


Roads are not forgiving to a cars paint finish. Over time your paint will get scratches, dents, dings, fading, acid rain, and more. For over $1000 at a dealership you can get a paint protection clear bra film (or less from us) but it will only protect the front of your car and doesn’t really look that nice. That’s a good investment, but for not a lot more you can protect the entire car, truck, or van with a full color wrap, and pick your colors. When you get bored of the color, or want to sell the car, the wrap comes off without damaging your original paint. With unprotected paint your only option is to repaint damage.


Paint color options are endless, this is true. What’s also true is once you paint a car its value is diminished. So repainting to get the color you want may not be the best choice. Wrap color choices are not endless but they do have some amazing colors. For example, Avery makes a film that changes color depending on the angle its viewed from. I have friends that work in auto body, I asked them how much it cost to paint a car with the same effect. I was told it would be about $4,000 in just material, no labor included. Very few vehicles would cost more than that for labor, material, after care product, and warranty. What can wrap do that paint cannot? Texture. Carbon fiber, hexagon, brushed metal, and even velvet. Wrap comes in various textures, colors, matte, satin, gloss, chrome, and metallic.


A good quality paint job can last decades if well maintained. The latest wrap vinyls can last up to 12 years on vertical surfaces, and 3 years on non-vertical surfaces in the Pacific Northwest. Just like paint this life can be longer or shorter depending on finish, and how it is maintained. Wrap vinyls can last a very long time if maintained properly. Upper Left Coast Wraps will take the time to educate you on how to maintain the wrap to get the most life out it. This is something many shops skip past in the process. The best part of a vinyl wrap is when you do finally remove it, the paint below is still in great shape. Bonus.

Leased Vehicles

If you lease your vehicle, you can’t paint it. It’s that simple. You can wrap it though, and when your lease is up it will still look new. Speaking of leased vehicles, if you lease a van for your fleet, likely it only comes in white. If your company has a base color other than white, you can ruin the lease by painting, or wrap the van or truck in the color your company uses. Same deal, at the end of the lease, just remove the wrap before returning it.

Details or Accents

We can add custom accents with or without a full wrap. Here’s a few things that are common. Carbon fiber look hood on your street car. Camo wrap below the trim line on your hunting truck. Colored door handles, door pockets, and mirrors that match your favorite color or team colors. Honestly if you have seen it, or can imagine it, we probably can do it.

Paint Protection Film

If you are considering paint protection film, consider spending a small amount more and wrapping the whole vehicle. That is the ultimate paint protection. If you are not sold on wrapping your rig, that fine. We can help you out with a clear bra, mylar, or PPF, whichever it is that you call it. We do bumpers, hoods, fenders, mirrors, rear hatch bumper covers, door cups, and door edges. Heck sometimes people want to add this over a vehicle wrap. We can do that too.

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