Show Plates to Display on My Wall

I wanted to get some show plates because I just liked how they look. I was over at a friend’s house, and he had several of them on display. They are not road legal at all, but I did not mind that because I just wanted them for my wall too. When I asked him where he got his from, he told me he was able to custom make them online. He told me to go to and I would be able to design my own custom show plates there too.

I was not sure that I would be able to do that because I am not too savvy with computers. He laughed and told me to not worry about it, that the site would walk me through it step by step. He explained that it is extremely easy for anyone to do, even someone with less computer experience than me. I went to the website after he told me this, and he was right. I read everything on the site, and I was super excited. I had just planned on ordering one, but I liked too many of the different options.

I knew that I would not be happy with just one because I was able to control everything that went on the show plate. I was able to pick the colors, the logos, the fonts, the size, and it was just neat to design one on my own. It did not take me long before I had designed the three show plates that I wanted. Everything about the process was easy, from designing the show plates to paying for them. Even hanging them on my wall was easy, and I have to admit that they look pretty amazing there. I have had quite a few people ask me about them, and I think they are going to order their own show plates too!